Free2Go Bike Rack


With Free2Go, you can switch from 4 wheels to 2 wheels and back again.

The Free2Go Bike Rack ships all over the globe.
Shipping is a flat rate of $15 to US addresses, or $34 to the rest of the world.


Product Description

The Free2Go Bike Rack will give you the freedom you’ve been looking for. The base mount stirrups are built with 7075-T6 extruded aluminum, making it light weight and extremely durable. Easy to install (most owners say it takes them fewer than five minutes), the Free2Go bike rack is the perfect Smart Car accessory.

Your Free2Go bike rack comes with the following:

Two Base Mount Stirrups
Two D-Ring Straps
Two Protective Rubber Pads
One Stabalization Strap
One J-Hook Strap
One Manual


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    “This is so EXCELLENT!! Can not wait to get mine !!”

  2. :

    “Thank you for doing this. It appears to be simple and easy and I cannot wait to receive and test my Free2GO. Awesome simple and easy product!”

  3. :

    “I recently took my Smart and bike on an 800 mile round trip drive. The rack passed with flying colors, despite the very gusty conditions and many cracks and ruts on the freeways… Fine product and workmanship.”

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    “Fits great on my Smart Electric Drive. Great for leaving the car at a public charger and going for a ride. Installs very quickly after the first couple times.”

  5. :

    “I love it! Exactly what I was hoping for…simple, quick, no tools & no problems!”

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    “…I received the little rack on time last Friday and I installed it with no problems…it is very sturdy and the wind or speed didn’t move the bike at all… it is a great invention you did.”

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    “A mi me sirvio mucho, es muy facil de montar y desmontar y no te ocupa espacio. Para una sola bici, esta perfect!!”

  8. :

    I love it.
    thank you so much from South Korea

  9. :

    i’ve used my free2go quite a few times now (6?)…still works awesome (we are a single car family now, so it has come in handy)

  10. :

    the bike rack is amazing. thank you so much. you guys are awesome :)

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    Susan in Maine, USA, “Fn awesome! I’m training for my first triathlon and disassembling my bike to fit in my Smartfortwo (and it does fit) has been a hassle every training day! This will save time and soap to get the chain lube off my hands! I was totally skeptical that this rack and strap system would work … Now that my bike is on my car, I feel 100% confident my bike won’t even loosen up over bumpy dirt roads with this rack, much less during normal driving conditions.
    …Thank you for an ingenious way to carry my bike anywhere I go! I’m an advocate of your product! And that does not come often for me!!!! Two thumbs up!”

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