What models of Mini-Cooper and BMW are supported?

Free2Go works for Mini or BMW model possessing two identical rear bumper town holes. These can be found under 2 square or round tow hole covers in the rear bumper. Simply press on the bottom of the hole cover to open. Please confirm the LEFT tow hole, under the bumper cover, is round and threaded.

If it is small and rectangular you may need an addition option from your Mini Manufacturer. Please Contact your Mini Cooper dealer for more information. That said, we are actively working on adapting Free2Go to work with cars with a keyhole. More details will be posted here when available. 

Models supported are Gen3 MINIs that have 2 threaded rear bumper ports(and/or the S3ARA option)

F54 MINI Cooper Clubman: 2016, 2017, 2018
F54 MINI Cooper S Clubman: 2016, 2017, 2018
F55 MINI Cooper Four Door: 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018
F55 MINI Cooper S Four Door: 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018
F56 MINI Cooper Hatchback: 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018
F56 MINI Cooper S Hatchback: 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017,2018
F60 MINI Cooper Countryman: 2017
F60 MINI Cooper S Countryman: 2017

IF left tow hole is rectangular check with you Mini dealer to get the S3ARA factory Luggage Carrier option.

Please email us at if you have any questions. Rack4Smart


What Smart Cars does Free2Go work with?
Free2Go can be used on any Smart ForTwo or Cabrio for any year. It is universally true that if your Smart Car has 2 tow hole ports on the rear bumper than Free2Go is Good2Go!

What kinds of bikes does Free2Go support?
Free2Go supports standard bicycles of all types. Road, Mountain, Townie, Fixed gear, cruiser bikes of all types up to 49 lbs. with wheel bases less that 49”(124cm). Bikes and gear on them weighing more than 49 lbs. or extending beyond the typical maximum wheel base cannot presently be supported by Free2Go. If you are considering use with an E-Bike please consider using the bikes weight with the bike battery removed.

Does Free2Go support 2 bikes?
Today, Free2Go only supports one, standard bicycle. We are always looking for opportunities to make Free2Go more useful so if you are interested in this support please let us know.

How does the bike stay upright on the Free2Go?
The Free2Go bike rack works collaboratively with the bike to be transported safely. A Stabilization strap is used to hold the front wheel in parallel with the rest of the bike. This strap, in cooperation with the other straps ensures that the bike stays rigid on Base Mounts while the Base Mount Straps hold the bike down on the rack. The protective pads provided ensure the bike and car remain safe during travel.

How is the bike and car protected from each other?
Every bike rack on the market touches the car in some manner. Some touch the car in upwards of 6 places. Free2Go’s base mount unit screws into the two bumper ports. Free2Go provides foam protective pads which are consistent with those used on many bike rack models to attach to one or two locations on the bike. With the proper installation per the guide provided and the protective pads both the bike and the car will be transported safely. See Free2Go instructions, sections 5 and 7.

Does Free2Go support the Cabriolet?
Yes, Free2GO ships with all the components and instructions necessary to be installed with both coupe and cabriolet models.

Are there are any color options with Free2Go?
The first Free2Go is Black with small blue and white reflective labels on the neck and profile of the rack. The straps are all black with small silver cam buckles. We will make future color choices based on demand.

Should I leave the Free2Go on my Smart when I am not using it?
Free2GO is designed to be taken on and off the vehicle with every use. Because Free2Go is so small and out of sight of the driver (when a bike is not installed) we do not wish you to damage your vehicle or others. Because of the simplicity of its de-installation please take a moment to detach the unit from the car and place it in a safe location to dry and be ready for the next use.

What if one of the components of Free2Go are damaged while in use?
We have on inventory all of the parts that ship with Free2Go. Please contact us should you have a damaged component. We commit to you to be fair in helping you get back working again.

Where can I buy Free2Go?
We are actively working on a retail website. In the meantime you can purchase Free2Go via our PayPal

Import/Export and VAT Taxes
Please be aware that when we ship to other countries we do NOT capture VAT during the sale of our product. Our business does not meet "Distance selling VAT threshold" for any such country. When the product arrives in your country it is possible, but not always true that the item will be held until those fees are resolved. 

What is the Free2GO warranty?
Our warranty is posted here. We readily acknowledge that the words in this warranty come off a little overly legalize. However this is standard for our industry. What we can say beyond that is that we are here to provide a great product and deliver it in a manner that is fair.

Does Free2Go support Electric Bikes?
As mentioned in the above section, Free2Go supports standard bicycles weighing under 45lbs. We are aware that there are some Electric bikes that may weight under 45lbs if the battery is removed. Provided the weight being carried is under 45lbs. Free2Go will support it.

What are the Installation/De-Installation Steps?

The installation/de-installation of Free2GO on all cars is identical with only one difference. On the non-Smart Cars Free2Go comes with 2 small base mount adapters that the Cross-Straps d-rings loop inbetween and the adapter installs into the car. Here is a video that shows the installation steps. 

How does the make not fall off the car?

There are 4 straps that work together with the base mounts to keep the bike and car secure and safe.These are highlighted in yellow the general configuration of the straps mentioned.
Strap 1 - Tightens around the front tire and down tube to keep the bike standing straight.
Strap 2 and 3 - Identical straps that connect to the base mounts (where they connect to the car) then around the head tube and seat post. When tightened these secure the bike from moving back and forth.
Strap 4 – Keeps the bike from move laterally and connects to the car in one of two ways: (1) through the bottom seam of the window or soft top(if cabrio - pictured above) and to the d-ring in the back compartment then around the cross tube. (2) At the seam of the window and the car along the roof line.
We provide cushions for anything that may touch the car (handle bar end or pedal) which are the same material used with many other bike racks to protect the car.

My Smart doesn’t have a D-Ring
Some Smart models (we have not determined the rhyme or reason) do not have a D-Ring in the rear hatch area. For Coup model we have a straightforward workaround that would allow you to connect the J-Hook strap to the seam between the hatch window louver and the roof (see image). The buckle on the J-Hook strap will need to be re-positioned to allow for tightening around the cross tube. Please note that this strap needs to be snug but not pulled as snuggly as the crisscross straps.

To install (and uninstall) the J-Hook you may need to open the rear window to give room to insert the J-Hook end in the seam. Be sure to install it where it can centrally connect to the bicycle. If this is the case with your Smart please pop the rear window hatch to make room for the hook to connect.

How is Free2Go different than Rack4Smart?

Free2Go was designed for people on the Go. For this reason it requires no tools, can be installed and uninstalled in minutes and stored in the rear hatch storage box, out of the way but within reach when needed. Unlike Rack4Smart that requires tools and is permanently affixed to the car creating a barrier which eliminates the ability to drop the rear hatch door.

Shipping and Handling

Upon completion of an order it will take approximately 1 day to process and get shipped. U.S.A Shipping uses USPS Priority 1-3 day depending on your proximity to Central Texas. International Shipping varies but we offer 6-10 day USPS International Priority with tracking. All days are business days. If you desire an expedited service that can be arranged through Contact Us.

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